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wontec is a company of services and consultancy.

We make the difference – especially within projects


Automotive, Industries & Suppliers

Together with you we develop solutions and put them right into practice. In this way we get to know you, your core business and your philosophy intensively. This ensures a high level of acceptance and thus creates feasibility of results – the main factor of our performance.

As a Consultant, we plan and assist every process-step
As a Project Manager, we represent the interests of our customers
As a Project Manager, we design solutions and success

The synergetic interaction of those three areas, let innovative and spectacular results arise, which a an individual partner would never be able to achieve by its own. Due to our interdisciplinary approach, we are able to offer our customers enterprise-wide, cross-business, and custom-fit solutions for all issues.


Strategies & Process Development

  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Employer Branding

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We bring together, what belongs together

There are rules for Corporate Governance, Project Management and Process Optimization. There are exceptions for extraordinary achievements in these areas.

wontec acts where theory typically ends: with solutions that comes directly from the daily professional business practice. With our expertise and services, we are fully prepared.


To understand the business and the market. Our customer and its interests are in first line. This means automatically to act with max power, greater engagement in order to create the best results - to turn good into better.


Already thinking about tomorrow. We know how important it is to succeed and we keep the big picture always in focus. Our experienced team is used to handle also critical business-affairs.


„We want to encourage people who are involved in developing markets and companies, society and the future, to create together with wontec exceptional solutions and sustainable values that will last in time.”

Lars Raith (CEO)

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